Give Sorrow Words…


Day 4

1. The war continues in Syria and Assad claims he did not use chemical weapons on his own people. The news is filled with the suffering of children.

2. I feel better today but was up in the middle of the night crying. I feel more positive today.

3. I sat with a pupil who basically cried for 30 mins today. He is unhappy at home. He spoke of adults who seem nice on the surface but are not like that underneath.


Painful Growth


Day 3

1. The lib dems may benefit from the snap election called by May. Labour seem hopeless. May getting a landslide would be the worst possible outcome.

2. I’ve had a really long tiring tough day. But I’ve made it so the end. I feel weary. I’ve eaten really well today. I just seem to run out of steam.

3. This tree I noticed on the walk. It’s awkward shape was somehow quite beautiful. This kind of painful growth sometimes results in special outcomes like this tree.




Day 2

1. UK PM Theresa May is calling a snap election on 8th June. This is strategic politically as there is a huge gap between the conservatives and labour. I hope it can backfire though. How can people get behind Brexit when opinions are so divided?

2. I felt positive yesterday until evening when I felt terrible. I was worried about starting job and finding not comfort eating difficult. Today I feel much happier.

3. I saw some heartsease wild flowers while walking with a friend this evening. I didn’t stop to look though as so busy chatting. So perhaps not strictly mindful but these tiny splashes of colour always make me feel happy when I see them.

Day 1. The internet knows you hate change.


Day 1 of 3 daily reflections.

1. The US and North Korea are having a ‘my weapons bigger than yours’ contest. While the world worries about the choices made by Trump and Kim Jong-un.

2. I feel ready to make some lifestyle changes. I have used Easter as an excuse to fill my body with crap instead of giving it the nutrition it needs. Time to change starting with my diet. Today I feel positive.

3. Here is a photo of 2 ladybirds having a romantic moment! I saw them while walking my dog. Beautiful mindful moment.

30 Days: A mindful life.


I have started this blog because I want to change my life. I need to live better. I’m a bit broken like this blackbird egg I found. But I want something to grow and develop out of my broken state.

I plan to do 3 things every day.

1. Comment on something happening outside in the world.

2. Comment on something happening inside my world.

3.  Reflect on a mindful experience in my daily life.

Thats it. Very simple but I hope it will prove to be transformative. We will see.